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Time to Deliver

by Don Barone | June 15, 2011

The child looking up at me, had nothing left. For the next few nights, an RV was going to be his home. .

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Dateline: How it began…

by Don Barone | June 15, 2011

"As I walk this land of broken dreams,I have visions of many things…"I have the best job in the world. I have the worst job in the world.

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The best of db: The Book

But yet, they said yes. Said yes to letting me put together a book, a book that looks back on the 500-plusstories I’ve written for them, a book that I’ll pick my favorites, a book where you can pick some of your favorites, I’ll take the stories and add some new stuff to each story picked, an editor’s note so to speak, jazz it up some with material only available within the pages.

Here’s the best part, and the part where I tip my hat to the folks at BASS…proceeds from the book will be donated to the kids of Tackle The Storm Foundation. With the world as it is today with disasters caused by nature, with disasters caused by humans, caused by politics, caused by standing or kneeling, caused by random acts of violence, children need a magic wand to escape to a safer place, to a kinder place, a pond, a bank by a brook, grandma’s dock, grandpa’s boat.

Magic wands are possible, and in fact are real, magic wands come with line and tackle, magic wands come disguised as fishing rods and reels where on every cast floats adventure, where on every cast floats treasure, where on every cast floats the dreams and imagination of childhood.

I don’t know yet how much it will cost or when it will be available, like all dreams you dream first then scramble when it comes true. I’ve had a couple of conversations with some people who would like to help sponsor the project, which would be great since then more money would be available to buy rods and reels for kids, or for anyone who needs a magic wand in their life.

I believe in my heart that one day there will be peace on Earth, I believe in my heart that we have to leave those who come after us, our children, a chance to achieve that peace, and while it maysound dumb, and while it may sound stupid, I believe in my heart that with all the crap happening around them, around our children, that a river bank, that a dock, that the pond out back, WILL BRING THEM PEACE. When asked the goal of Tackle The Storm I say, simply, to bring peace in the turmoil of the life of children. And a magic wand, does that.


On Every Cast, Floats Hope       

"I hear babies cry and I watch them grow…"

Dateline: Tomorrow… If. Violence. Comes from the sky. Then. Love. Has to come from the earth. And from those who stand upon it. If. Hope. Is swept away. Then. We. Have to bring it back. We. Are. The gatekeepers, of hope. We. The Family, Of Us. "…they'll learn much more…" Imagine, you are a child, and you are standing where your house once was. Imagine, everything you once had, once played with, once loved, is now gone. Imagine, wondering, if the storm, was your fault. Imagine, the feeling of not being safe. Imagine, hope dragged into the sky, leaving only ruins all around. You can hug the child. You can kiss the child on the cheek. Tussle their hair. Tell them, everything will be alright. And maybe they will believe you, maybe they won't. I wouldn't. I would think you are lying to me. I would trust no one. I would trust not, this earth.

This blue and green rock in space. Where the sky can snatch up your dreams. Where the weather, can steal hope. "…than we'll know…" I believe, that we, you and I, are an experiment in the universe. That we inhabit a Petri dish of possibilities. That we are here, to discover, if love, works. That we are here, to discover, if hope, works. In the face of it all. In the face of violence. In the face of destruction. In the face of hatred. And hopelessness. We. Stand. Alone. In space. In whatever it is that this blue and green rock floats in. And, if we make it work, if we make the experiment work, then we, move on. To where love is always. To where hope is always. To where we are once again, childlike. "…and I think to myself…" So it is to the child, that we come. To the child standing in the ruins.

To the child with tears, with fears, with hope gone. And to that child we make a simple, but profound offering. Hope. Returned. Hope, through a Magic Wand. A fishing pole. Where every cast they make, floats hope. Where every cast they make, floats dreams. Where every cast they make, brings a treasure hunt. If the sky betrays them, the lake will comfort them. The lake. And you. The Family, Of Us. And now it's your chance. Tell them, about the magic wand you cast with. Tell them, about who it was who gave you, your magic wand. Tell them, who placed hope in your hands. Tell them, we, you, are only the stewards of fishing.

Tell them, that after the storms that have taken everything, tell them that when you place a rod and reel back into their young hands you are doing so, to save their place in line. In hopes line. Tell them, of your love for fishing. Tell them, of your love for them. Tell them, we, all of us, are in this together. In, being the blue and green rock floating in space. In, the experiment, called love. In, the experiment, called hope. And we. The Family, Of Us. Are. Winning. Tell them that. Go ahead…

"…what a wonderful world."Somewhere Over The Rainbow Israel Kamakawiwo Ole'

My intro into fishing was with my uncle Terry McMahon. He gave me a used bait caste rig, and the rod shaft was made of steel. Fishing was later reinforced by uncles Neal and Ken McMahon. I would later travel by bike to varied local spots in the Buffalo area, with my gear in a military satchel. I think that my high lite of fishing was going to Black Lake in Ontario and fishing with my grandfather Chet McMahon. Fishing obviously has great emotional ties for me and I still have the steel rod.

Michael Sullivan

Eden, NY

When i was young, I found a lot of enjoyment hunting and fishing. I never got to fish or hunt with my Dad. I always wished I could relive those years and change that. When I was married, and had sons, I made sure to spend time fishing with them and my wife. This time spent together has become one of the greatest pleasures in my life. Take your kids fishing some day. Mom and Dad too. Please pass it on!

Kyle Robinson

Marion, Iowa

Early in life, I wanted a motorcycle. My good friend Wesley Holst offered the Pros/Cons of owning a motorcycle. What 'WE' need... is a 14' aluminum flat bottom boat w/20hp Merc. Black ring worms w/yellow paddle tail were the lure of choice. Pistol grip Ugly Stiks fitted w/an ABU Garcia 5600 C w/Thumbar was my 'magic-wand'.. fished from a 14' alum flat bottom boat The 5600 C was a gift from Wesley. 37 yrs later, the 5600C sits ready in my rod rack, destined an heirloom for my son.

Jake Chambers

Beaumont, Texas